Golden Key Audio’s audio drama series, Memorare, is a serialized (that is, the story is ongoing from one episode to the next, rather than each episode being self-contained) series and tells a slightly darker, but no less powerful and relevant story aimed at slightly older children and adults.

Memorare opens as the Peterson family, experiencing domestic struggles, discovers a mysterious stranger who claims to have memories of both a world of beauty and greater peace, and of dark enslavement to an insatiable hunger at the hands of an enigmatic group who Arvad — the stranger, played by Wyatt Coiner — swears are pursuing him relentlessly.

Initially skeptical, the Petersons find themselves embroiled in an increasingly strange, frightening, and somehow interconnected series of events that force them to make an uncomfortable decision: whether to trust the strange and unlikely tale their new acquaintance tells…and whether their safety can be assured if they do not.